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MISS Moonlight’s memos: Van Cliburn and Roberta Peters, of Metropolitan Opera fame, are coming in for the Variety Club’s “”Golden Heart Gala” Oct. 1 at the Hyatt Regency. As reported, the gala, starring Frank Sinatra in concert, will honor Julie and Ben Rogers of Beaumont. Cliburn and Peters are longtime, close friends of the Rogers. And here’s one of the fabulous auction items for the gala: a week for eight at Randy Travis’ $ 5 million Maui retreat, a donation from Tours of Enchantment. Laura Rowe, who has chaired the gala for five years, has done it again – she’s pulled off another sellout.

How about this for a coup for a Crime Stoppers fund-raiser Thursday night: Hakeem Olajuwon has agreed to be auctioned off with me to attend dinner with the highest bidder.

Speaking of celebs, the Oilers’ Ray Childress will lead a prerace warm-up at 7:30 a.m. Saturday for the 1994 Terry Fox 5K run. The kids’ race starts at 7:45, followed by the wheelchair competition at 8:55. Proceeds will support bone cancer research at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Incidentally, Tali Blumrosen, PR boss at the Four Seasons, is back on the job following her maternity leave. The Four Seasons sponsors the run; it’ll be Tali’s first event since getting back.

A big buzz in N.Y. Thursday was that Anna Nicole Smith, bride of J. Howard Marshall, fled her apartment there Wednesday night, crying, and went to the Plaza Hotel. She reportedly said her bodyguard had been beating her.

FYI: She’s the cover story on the October issue of Texas Monthly.

Peter Masterson and wife Carlin Glynn are in rehearsal in N.Y. for ”The Cover of Life”, which they’ll do off-Broadway at the American Place Theater. Pete’s directing, and Carlin’s playing one of the leads. San Antonio’s Melinda Eades has a lead role as well in this ensemble cast. The Mastersons’ daughter Mary Stuart just wrapped her leading role opposite Alec Baldwin in ”Heaven’s Prisoners” in L.A. and is in N.Y. to start another, ”Amelia and the King of Plants”. She co-stars with Christian Slater.

Following that, Stuart heads to Austin to film ”Around the Block” (the working title), her first producing and directing project; she won’t be acting in this one.

Don’t miss Barbara Walters’ interview with Ronald Goldman’s family tonight on ”20/20”, 9 p.m. on Channel 13. Goldman was the young man who was killed June 12 along with Nicole Simpson. The family members talk about Goldman’s lifestyle, his interaction with his family, rumors and truths about him, whether they believe he was dating Nicole, how they feel about O.J. Simpson and the trial, and why they decided to come forward now. As is par for the course for Walters, it’s the first interview they’ve given as a family since the murders. Those interviewed are his father and stepmother, Fred and Patti; his sister, Kim; and stepsiblings Lauren, Michael and Brian Glass.

John Jamail hosted a second-time-around wedding reception recently in his River Oaks abode for Joy and Jim Byrnes; the pair first married in 1964. Jamail used a Scheherazade theme, with tents of white, purple and gold, dancing to Kelly McGuire’s band and a lavish Lebanese buffet.

Longtime restaurateur (now retired) Joe Matranga is in Southeast Memorial Hospital recuperating from minor surgery and undergoing tests.

Here’s an interesting quote from Arianna Huffington about husband Michael in the current issue of Esquire: “”Michael doesn’t like being given a long list of friends to call and told to spend four hours on the phone

. He dislikes it so much he prefers to use his own money . . .

If Michael had spent $ 5 million buying . . . a Picasso, nobody would blink an eyelid. That’s what people with money are supposed to do. ” The quote is about Michael’s $ 20 million self-financed campaign for senator from California. Well, he may not be soliciting funds on the phone, but there are fund-raising dinners for his campaign – for instance, the one recently in Houston hosted by his parents, Roy and Phyllis Huffington, and friends Jenard and Gail Gross.

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